File Sharing

Securely Share Files

Document management

Deliver online documents to whoever needs them

Amitor® includes a full-suite of document management tools that allow you to manage your company's document flow. The document repository allows you the ability to store and make available documents on an individual user-basis.

Share and track document access and versions on a per-document and per-user basis. Keep a library of documents accessible through your business website securely for your management team, another set for your employees and another set for your clients, on a per client basis and a set of publicly accessible documents shareable from your website or social-media outreach.

Centralize your business documents

Deliver any document digitally and securely

Every business manages a set of ever-evolving documents that are needed to engage customers, close sales or deliver services. Traditionally these documents are not easily accessible and different versions float around leading to incomplete documents or lost business.

The Amitor® document manager allows you to easily centralize all of your documents into your business website. Deliver the documents securely, on a permission basis you set while ensuring that they are available whenever and from wherever they are needed always delivering the most current version.

No more searching for the right piece of paper to close the sale.

Internal business document repository

Your online business document repository

Internal documents for your teams and employee payroll documents can be made available to your company teams. Publish documents online through the Amitor® robust permission based document repository tool. You decide who and when they get to see the document.

Through the Amitor® customization service, specialized contracts, invoicing and forms can be captured online, placed within your workflow and made available on as a needed bases.

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