All the features you need to run your business online

Amitor® is a fully integrated solution designed to give you all of the necessary tools you need to manage your business from your company's website. Amitor® was built from the ground up to automatically adopt to the English or Metric systems, to deliver information in any language, on a per visitor basis and handle any special data handling needs each and every visitor to your website requires, regardless of the country they come from or what language they speak.

Currently, Amitor® is fully integrated to manage data in English, French or Spanish and store contact information for anyone in the NAFTA countries; Canada, Mexico or the United States.

You could say; "Amitor® is globalized to deliver to your customers what they need, when they need it, regardless of what country they are in". More importantly, because it is FREE Amitor® makes it cost effective whether you start out with only a few customers and grow into an international conglomerate with offices in multiple countries. It doesn't matter where your customers are, or how big your company grows, the price for Amitor® does not go up.

More importantly, Amitor® is specifically designed for a diverse workforce and a decentralized business model where all of the important data your business needs is securely and quickly available to you, regardless of where you are or what device; tablet, desktop or smartphone you are using. And forget about downloading and installing APPS, Amitor® does not require special applications to run on your device. It's just there when you need it.

Security Features

You control the security of your data

Amitor® has many built-in security features designed to show data to the appropriate individuals when needed as well as to keep data integrity intact. Each data point in the Amitor® system is tagged and logged via time-stamp and the individual adding or making a change. This allows the company administrator the ability to track and monitor data while ensuring data integrity is always maintained.

Sensitive data is stored in the Amitor® database in an encrypted fashion designed to thwart unauthorized access to the data at the database level. The state of the art encryption method is unique to Amitor® and designed to keep sensitive data secure, yet available to those who need it.

Amitor® is designed for your work flow. Each process is role-based, per individual, giving you the opportunity to grant or limit access for each individual. Not only does this promote centralized data storage and access but it also encourages active participation, through your business website of all stakeholders in your business whether they are management teams, sales force members, employees, vendors or customers. They each have access to the data that is pertinent to them as determined by you.

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