Manage Clients, Employees, Leads or Vendors from one dashboard.

Full contact management features built-in

Manage all of your contacts from your business website

Individual members of your team can maintain their own sets of contact information, shareable via unlimited self-created groups or across the enterprise as needed. Keep up to date contact information on everyone in your business, from sales leads to vendors to employees; it's your virtual rolodex available to you anytime and anywhere.

The full-feature contact manager has room for unlimited telephone numbers, unlimited email addresses, unlimited websites, or unlimited street addresses on A-PER-CONTACT-BASIS. No more running out of space for that one temporary telephone number or that private email address.

Quickly look-up a phone number or a street address and see who it belongs to. Amitor® is pre-populated with Canadian, Mexican and United States address and telephone metrics eliminating most data-entry errors.

The modular nature of Amitor® eliminates duplicate record creation therefore reducing erroneous, stale and orphan data. Update the record once and it is immediately available to everyone that needs it, securely and efficiently.

Each contact can be linked to as many companies or organizations as needed. Each contact can be looked up by the name, address or telephone number or via any company or organization they are linked to. Instantly see who created the record and who last updated the information.

NAFTA built-in

Amitor® is built from the ground up to accommodate Canadian, Mexican and US demographics and cultural requirements. Street addresses are automatically entered in either country's unique format reducing data-entry errors. Telephone numbers are automatically pre-formatted to each country's specifications, including pre-populated area codes, allowing for on the move automatic dialing from any smartphone.

Mexican dual last-names are accommodated automatically and are searchable as needed. American social security numbers, Mexican CURPs and Canadian Social Insurance Numbers are easily entered and searchable.

All sensitive information is stored encrypted and accessible on a need to know basis with each access logged and tagged to the individual that accessed it.

Any contact can be searched by ANY data point in the contact record. You can search by telephone number, first or last name, address or any other information stored for that contact.

Each contact can be made a user of the system at any time allowing them access to your own defined restricted portions of the system thus allowing them the ability to maintain their own record via their own dashboard through a tiered-controlled workflow process that allows you to control what each user is allowed to see, modify and when. Because of our one-price model there are no additional fees for giving access to anyone one on your contact list.

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